Get Involved


Advocacy has many forms

You can help by simply sharing with friends and neighbors, or by inviting a NAMI representative to present at your next faith, civic, work or school meeting.

Advocacy can also shape community, state and national discussions about resources and rights for persons, and their families, living with a mental health condition.

NAMI encourages us to understand that the path to recovery lies with individual, family and community education, with peer support, and with common-sense public policy and promotion of public understanding.

  • You can offer help and support to individuals and families living with mental health conditions.
  • You can help NAMI reduce social stigma by adjusting your own language, and tactfully correcting misconceptions and stereotypes when you find them.

Schedule a NAMI Presentation with Your Organization

Contact NAMI Greater Mississippi Valley today to schedule a presentation. 563-386-7477 Ext. 266 or

  • Make It OK is a thoughtful presentation that educates those unfamiliar with mental health conditions. Participants learn what stigma looks like, hear from individuals living with a mental health condition and are given helpful tools to use. Great for workplace, civic and church organizations. Available in 30-minute and 60-minute format. NAMI offers at no charge.
  • NAMI In Our Own Voice offers powerful stories from persons who live with a mental health condition. Available for law enforcement, colleges, civic and church organizations. Typical length is 60 minutes, but can be customized. NAMI offers at no charge.